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Striving for success

Having a dream is one thing that everyone wishes to have other than having a dream how to accomplish it matters having no dream is just like a river without a source,,a dream is one thing that enable on thrive for success and accomplish his or her goal.

Thriving for success its just like  running for what the heart wants and by having a self drive is one important thing that each person should have and also bear in mind.

Drown into the pit of drugs.

drugs The thought and myth that drugs when taken reduces onces problem and also stress is one  misconceptions that most of the youths think,what if i take this particular drug ll’l enjoy myself and be in my own zone never do the youths focus on the next results since they just focus on the current results.Most youths loose track since they dont put their future in the front line but rather to please themselves and also their desires.

Most youths end up in the rehabs living their dreams drown in pits,without no one to kneel upon too we just have to gather ourselves collect up our dreams that seemed to be forgotten and seemed to be forgotten we are all incharge of our dreams and our decisions are determined with the choices we all take.


dtpcurrencyMany people tend to think that education is the only key to success but ever ask your self how many people are sucessful and yet they never got the chance or opportunity to go to school study but yet they making an earn meat.Life is how you make it and everyone is not regarded as a failure but determination, having anegative attitude and also having plans not just plans but also future plans.Just former president barrack Obama said”yes we can”and yeah you can, by never lowering down  your dreams into nothing.

The most bad thing and also chances we most make determines on how our future will be,and the problem with most youths is that they dont focus on the future but rather focus on that moment not minding the results and this may affect their future to come.Dreams at times are ruined, future destroyed simply because of the chance we make not thinking of the outcome.But the question is,are we responsible of our future dreams and goals,did the dreams we once had existing or rather threw them in the pit??????



JUBILEE-BUSIA-630x330Ater re/run of the presidential elections in kenya, in which uhuru muigai kenyatta was declared as the winner many with half the votes as a proove that the previous elections don on the 26th of august was free and fair.Many kenyans did not turn out since the opposition leader Railla Odinga was not in agreement with re/running of the elections.Many kenyan citizens turned out to exercise the freedom by helding demonstrations all over, this being a disadvantage or rather loose to the people mostly those who have bussiness since their businesses were destroyed some burnt and this living some business kenyans jobless.

The kenyan economy is slowly going down, investers not investing in kenyan business due to the fear of going into a loose,tourist not coming to kenya since the fear is slowly kiling the kenyan economy.What are the leaders frontline in ensuring the economy is restored,peace retained and the issue of tribaslim come into an end,but we as kenyans are responsible for the discisons we all make,why allow ourslves to be used by the politicians and they are enjoying a luxurious life,,we  should be in the front line to secure our lives our dreams should not be shutterd becouse of elections or rather politics.

Dreams left an achieved.

We  all got dreams that we will one day want to accomplish and also fulfill,by working hard having a positive attittude and also not listening to negative statements from people thats one way of acieving your dreams and goals but as time goes we end up giving up probably because of discouragements,peer pressure and also because the determination we once had drown into the pit of forgetfulness and also giving up.

The worst thing that most human beings can do in life is giving up in themselves and also dreams and their future, if only we stick up to our dreams and also subjecting ourselves in achiving whats is most important since the enemy of success if failure.The question lies in ourselves are we incharge of our future??

Investing in your future.

Many people tend to think that life is all about books studies and also having the best that the world can give us.But making the best use  of our time resources and also talents by coming up with ideas not only ideas but innovative ideas as the former president barrack obama said” yes we can “and yeah we all can no one is subjected to failure rather than we all dont have the same vision dreams and gaols and thats what makes the difference.

The most with most youths is that they no longer focus on the future but rather focus on the present moment,the descison that they most end up taking leads to regrets and questioning themselves,no one is incharge of your futureand the descision we all make.

Embrace failure,celebrate success.

success.The road to great discovery is muddy impending a Smooth journey. No one could make it to the other side of the road without bruises,scars of accomplishment,And to master the road,one has to show a lot of bruises for it,success,like science is replete with trial and error without which the destination remains unclear, far from ones reach

Trial and error have driven innovation and creativity in our world more than in any attribute I have ever come across.To persist in doing something that produces undersable results, repeatedly invites noble qualities as positive attitude discipline,fate,heartedness and determination.

The charity walk.

Nibs technical college students from all the four compuses embarked on a charity walk was done to raise funds to finance the elimisha mwenzako initiative.The initiative or the walk was in collaboration by the principle and also chief executive officer of nibs technical college Lizzie muthoni Wanyoike.

The main aim of the initiative is to end the rate of students drop out mostly due to lack of school fees the walk was nineteen kilometer and it started at nibs technical college Ruiru campus and was led by nibs general manager lkenye Ben.

Student did came out in large numbers in support of their students who are undergoing fee problem and those who dropped out due to lack of school fees,the walk also passed through its way to eastern bypass junction to Ruiru town and back to Nibs technical college main campus.